Next Generation of Fire Protection Series Part III: CJ Suppression Founder Based his Acquisition Decision on Benefitting All

James “J” Moyer knows fire safety.  

Moyer started out as an entry-level pipe fabricator in 1987, working his way up the ranks and learning about every level of the industry. He went on to found CJ Suppression in 1996.  

After nearly 30 years as owner, he began to consider what was next. Fortis Fire & Safety approached him about an acquisition, and he found comfort in the prospect of having support in running his business.  


The decision wasn’t made lightly.  

“It’s an emotional rollercoaster, especially when you’ve built a business from scratch, when you’ve put your heart and soul into it for so many years,” he said.   

Before Moyer sold his company to Fortis, he made sure that everyone would come out on top and that the culture would be one where everyone thrives. Because Fortis Fire & Safety has a nationwide presence, there are additional opportunities for the team to grow into new positions and utilize resources from other organizations in the Fortis team. 

“If everybody didn’t benefit, we would not have made this decision [to sell],” he said.  

After realizing that his team would all be better off with a nationwide team, he sold his organization to Fortis Fire & Safety and stayed on as president of CJ Suppression, remaining part of the fabric of the company. “They’ve actually brought me in to be part of the team, rather than just somebody working at the facility,” he said.   

When considering an acquisition, he said that Fortis will align with whatever the owner is seeking, whether it’s retirement, semi-retirement, or even growing in a leadership role and influencing the fire safety industry. These are all scenarios that Fortis leaders will walk through with an owner of the firm exploring acquisition.  

And there’s priority placed on keeping the business running smoothly. In Moyer’s experience, Fortis continually enhances its processes. The collective efforts of the entire Fortis team are directed towards fostering accelerated growth and delivering exceptional customer service. As Fortis progresses with improvements, branches actively participate in refining processes to prioritize seamless business operations. 

Ultimately, acquisitions with Fortis are about more than making a deal. “It’s not always business. It’s about relationships. They realize that drives business,” Moyer said.   

It’s also about being a world-class fire protection company. Moyer said that together, the Fortis Family of Brands is building a nationwide powerhouse that he’d never fathomed he could be part of.   

If you’re an owner of a fire protection company, consider how an acquisition with Fortis Fire & Safety might be a win for both you and your team.