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Acquisitions with Fortis Fire & Safety 

You’ve worked hard to build your fire protection services company. When you partner with Fortis Fire & Safety, you’ll continue to provide incredible service to your customers, expand your footprint, and create opportunities for your employees and yourself. 

Why Sell to Fortis 

Our industry-leading service extends beyond the commercial property owners and managers that we protect. 

You worked hard to establish and grow your business, and we respect that. During the acquisition process, we put your desires at the forefront. We’ll maintain your processes and create a seamless experience for you and your team. After the acquisition, you’ll join our Owners’ Advisory Council, which provides the opportunity to maintain a voice and help shape the direction and culture at Fortis. 

We take a people-first approach to our whole business, so your employees are our first priority. We hold our entire team to the highest standards, providing everything necessary to have a long, successful career in fire protection services, including apprenticeships, certifications, licensing, and career development training. We also provide competitive wages and comprehensive benefits packages that include health insurance, welfare benefits, and retirement plans. 

Businesses are nothing without their customers. We prioritize the people you serve by putting them at the core of what we do. Our investment in our employees is also an investment in the service and support that customers receive, ensuring they have the best experience possible while protecting their property, assets, and people from fire and other safety risks. 

Through an acquisition with Fortis Fire & Safety, we’ll make the kind of lasting partnership that stewards your legacy and brings your business into the future. 

Feedback from Our Partners 

We’ve worked with numerous acquiring companies at Fortis Fire & Safety. Here’s what they have to say about the acquisition process and partnering with us:

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“I was contacted by a trusted partner in the industry who said Fortis Fire was not like the other guys. The advice he gave me was, “it doesn’t hurt to talk.” and he was right. So, I contacted Fortis, we met, we talked, I liked what they had to say. I built this company over 28 years, and they provided me with the financial security that I don’t have to worry about money for the rest of my life.” – Randy Nelson, Co-Founder & President of VFS Fire & Security Services

“The decision to sell our business was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. Over the years, we have been solicited by numerous companies and once we started conversations with Fortis, we knew our values, People-First philosophy, passion for training, and commitment to our community was aligned and would set us up for future growth. I am excited this partnership will provide career growth opportunities to our Piper family.” – Chris Johnson, Co-Founder & President of Piper Fire Protection

“We’re building something that I never, ever fathomed that I’d be a part of. And I feel very privileged to be part of a team to help with this. My experience has been more than I expected. Joining Fortis has provided everyone with the ability to utilize talent and resources from other branches and team members. Having such a large support team has proven to be extremely valuable.” – J Moyer, President of CJ Suppression

Start the Conversation

At Fortis, we take a long-term view, investing in our people, growth, quality of service, and forward-thinking innovation. Join our family of brands who have trusted us with helping to grow their business, care for their people, and continue to support their customers. 

Learn more about selling your business to Fortis Fire & Safety. Visit or contact with us today.